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The mission of Saint Patrick Presbyterian Church stems from a belief that we are part of a story – an ancient story of a God who refuses to give up on his fallen and broken creation. Therefore, we desire to be a church for Greeley -- our goal is to love and serve our city well so that it flourishes, prospers and increasingly becomes a city more like the city of God.

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    Join us Saturday, April 21st, as we help complete the Habitat Faith Build.

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    Saint Cyprian famously said, “He cannot have God for his Father who has not the Church for his mother.” The Church continues to be the “nourishing mother” for all who call themselves Christian. Yet what it the Church and what is her purpose in the world?

    New Sermon Series - Alma Mater

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    Unfortunately the Bible is often viewed as a moral textbook. In reality it is a grand story of a God who redeems a fallen world. Here is a resource that may help read it the way it was meant to be read.

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    With over 100 kids in our congregation, there is always plenty of excitement. Check out this video to better understand our ministry to children.

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    Loving our city means loving our schools. Check our our Kid's Hope video and ask how you can help support Shawsheen Elementary.

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