Yearly Lectionary

  1. By Michael Mathews
  2. On Jan.07.2014

Let’s start with a simple belief – the Bible is life for the Christian. It is the sanctuary where we engage our hearts, our souls and our minds with the Spirit of God who is at work in this world, making all things new. It is the quiet study where we learn to think God’s thoughts after him. It is the haven where we find rest, hope and healing from the gospel message.

Now let’s move on to the challenge – the Bible is not, nor was it ever meant to be an easy read. It wasn’t easy for the original hearers. As the Bible itself makes clear, the prophets challenged the people's understanding of God, their understanding of the world and their understanding of themselves. And if it was difficult for the original hearers, who had the benefit of comprehending the terms and rhetoric and were familiar with the customs and cultural situations, how much more difficult must it be for a people who are thousands of years removed from their worlds and worldviews? So there lies the challenge. Christians are called to engage, comprehend, trust and live by a series of ancient texts written by various authors over the course of hundreds of years. Difficult? Yes. But while we cannot make this challenge easy, we can make it easier.

The first way to make Bible reading easier is simply to read it. Like any skill it becomes easier over time. As we read it again and again and again the pieces of the story better fit together and we glean more from the fifth reading than we did the first. Another important way to make reading the Bible easier is to read the individual books quicker. To say that we should read the Bible quicker is not to say that we should speed-read through the Bible but that we should attempt to read the literary units in as few sittings as possible. Reading larger chunks in fewer sittings allows the reader to more readily grasp the themes and particular interests of the author. It allows us to see the big picture before we try to understand and apply individual verses.

The reading schedule below attempts to help the reader read the individual books quicker by dividing every book into 10 readings or fewer. With the exception of Psalms and Proverbs the books are read one at a time so that the reader's interest is not divided. The arrangement of books is designed to allow the reader to benefit from their previous reading. For instance, the prophecies of Haggai and Zechariah are read immediately after Ezra because they are mentioned in the book of Ezra. There will be certain disadvantages with this approach, but hopefully it will maximize the time and effort of the person who desires to engage their heart with the Word of God. Happy reading.

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Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Weekly Psalms
Week 1Gen 1-5Gen 6-10Gen 11-15Gen 16-20Gen 21-25Psalm 1-4
Week 2Gen 26-30Gen 31-35Gen 34-38Gen 39-45Gen 46-50Psalm 5-8
Week 3Mark 1-3Mark 4-6Mark 7-9Mark 10-12Mark 13-16Psalms 9-12
Week 4Gal 1-3Gal 4-61 Thes 1-21 Thes 3-52 Thes 1-3Psalms 13-16
Week 5Ex 1-4Ex 5-8Ex 9-12Ex 13-16Ex 17-20Psalms 17-20
Week 6Ex 21-24Ex 25-28Ex 29-32Ex 33-36Ex 37-40Psalms 21-24
Week 7Lev 1-3Lev 4-6Lev 7-8Lev 9-11Lev 12-14Psalms 25-28
Week 8Lev 15-16Lev 17-19Lev 20-22Lev 23-25Lev 26-27Psalm 29-32
Week 9Luke 1-2Luke 3-5Luke 6-7Luke 8-9Luke 10-12Psalm 33-36
Week 10Luke 13-15Luke 16-18Luke 19-20Luke 21-22Luke 23-24Psalm 37-41
Week 11Acts 1-2Acts 3-5Acts 6-8Acts 9-10Acts 11-13Psalms 42-45
Week 12Acts 14-16Acts 17-19Acts 20-22Acts 23-25Acts 26-28Psalms 46-49
Week 13Num 1-3Num 4-6Num 7-9Num 10-13Num 14-16Psalms 50-53
Week 14Num 17-20Num 21-24Num 25-28Num 29-32Num 33-36Psalms 54-57
Week 15Deut 1-3Deut 4-6Deut 7-9Deut 10-12Deut 13-15Psalms 58-61
Week 16Deut 16-18Deut 19-21Deut 22-24Deut 25-27Deut 28-30Pslams 62-65
Week 17Heb 1-2Heb 3-5Heb 6-8Heb 9-10Heb 11-13Psalms 66-69
Week 18Rom 1-3Rom 4-6Rom 7-9Rom 10-12Rom 13-16Psalms 70-72
Week 19Josh 1-5Josh 6-10Josh 11-15Josh 16-20Josh 21-24Psalms 73-76
Week 20Judges 1-5Judges 6-12Judges 13-16Judges 17-18Judges 19-21Psalms 77-80
Week 21Ruth1 Sam 1-41 Sam 5-81 Sam 9-121 Sam 13-15Psalms 81-84
Week 221 Sam 16-181 Sam 19-211 Sam 22-241 Sam 25-271 Sam 27-31Psalms 85-89
Week 232 Sam 1-22 Sam 3-52 Sam 6-82 Sam 9-102 Sam 11-12Psalms 90-93
Week 242 Sam 13-142 Sam 15-172 Sam 18-202 Sam 21-222 Sam 23-24Psalms 94-97
Week 251 Cor 1-31 Cor 4-61 Cor 7-91 Cor 10-121 Cor 13-16Psalms 98-102
Week 262 Cor 1-32 Cor 4-62 Cor 7-82 Cor 9-102 Cor 11-13Psalms 103-106
Week 271 Kings 1-41 Kings 5-81 Kings 9-121 Kings 13-171 Kings 18-22Psalms 107-110
Week 282 Kings 1-52 Kings 6-102 Kings 11-152 Kings 16-202 Kings 21-25Psalms 111-114
Week 29Eph 1-3Eph 4-6ColossiansPhilemonPhilippiansPsalms 115-118
Week 301 Tim 1-31 Tim 4-6Titus2 Tim 1-22 Tim 3-4Psalm 119
Week 31Isaiah 1-6Isaiah 7-12Isaiah 13-20Isaiah 21-27Isaiah 28-35Psalms 120-123
Week 32Isaiah 36-39Isaiah 40-48Isaiah 49-55Isaiah 56-60Isaiah 61-66Psalms 124-127
Week 33MicahJonahNahumZephaniahHabakkukPsalms 128-131
Week 34Hos 1-5Hos 6-9Hos 10-14Amos 1-4Amos 5-9Psalms 132-34
Week 35Matt 1-2Matt 3-4Matt 5-7Matt 8-10Matt 11-13Psalms 135-138
Week 36Matt 14-16Matt 17-19Matt 20-22Matt 23-25Matt 26-28Psalms 139-142
Week 371 Chron 1-51 Chron 6-111 Chron 12-171 Chron 18-221 Chron 23-29Psalms 143-146
Week 382 Chron 1-72 Chron 8-162 Chron 17-222 Chron 23-282 Chron 29-36Psalms 147-150
Week 39Jer 1-5Jer 6-10Jer 11-15Jer 16-20Jer 21-26Prov 1-2
Week 40Jer 27-31Jer 32-36Jer 37-41Jer 42-46Jer 47-52Prov 3-4
Week 41Ezek 1-6Ezek 7-12Ezek 13-18Ezek 19-24Ezek 25-28Prov 5-6
Week 42Ezek 29-32Ezek 33-36Ezek 37-39Ezek 40-43Ezek 44-48Prov 7-8
Week 43ObadiahLamentationsEccles 1-4Eccles 5-8Eccles 9-12Prov 9-10
Week 44James 1-2James 3-5Songs 1-3Songs 4-6Songs 7-8Prov 11-12
Week 45Job 1-4Job 5-8Job 9-12Job 13-16Job 17-21Prov 13-14
Week 46Job 22-25Job 26-30Job 31-34Job 35-38Job 39-42Prov 15-16
Week 47John 1-4John 5-8John 9-12John 13-17John 18-21Prov 17-18
Week 481 John 1-31 John 4-52 & 3 John1 Peter2 Pet & JudeProv 19-20
Week 49Ezra 1-5Ezra 6-10HaggaiZech 1-7Zech 8-14Prov 21-22
Week 50Esther 1-5Esther 6-10Neh 1-5Neh 6-9Neh 10-13Prov 23-25
Week 51Dan 1-5Dan 6-9Dan 10-12MalachiJoelProv 26-28
Week 52Rev 1-3Rev 4-7Rev 8-13Rev 14-18Rev 19-22Prov 29-31