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Worship is timeless, eternal and the only thing that defines us apart from ourselves. In all we do we are committed to a God-centered approach. Today the church can be guilty of exclusively focusing upon man and his need rather than God and His glory. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, because man’s great need is God, not himself. But worship that promotes self-aggrandizement, self-help, or self-salvation will certainly contribute to a self-focused lifestyle. Worship that explains the Gospel will by definition result in praise directed toward a holy, benevolent, and merciful God. Worship reunites us with God, to have him pour oil on our wounds and anoint our heads. So we come to worship to get God. If I already “have” God, how can you speak of “getting” him? Put simply, we believe that knowledge of God and intimacy with God results not by trying hard to do what you know you should do but by faith in the gracious work of Jesus. In other words, the reason we don’t do what we should is because our faith is in something else. We are looking to something or someone else to give us what only God can. So we come to worship to confess our failures and to lay hold of Christ afresh. We are therefore committed to corporate worship services that are theologically persuasive, culturally relevant and that emphasize our connection of the ancient and universal Church. We believe that worship should be both beautiful and intelligible – that it should be thoughtfully arranged to tell the story of a God who seeks the lost but through words and music that provide a sense of the transcendent nature of this God.