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Church Multiplication

A Strategy of Church Multiplication

Were Saint Patrick to become the largest and most influential of churches we know that we still could not accomplish our mission of bringing the kingdom of God to bear on the city of Greeley and the West. This mission of gospel is too great for any one church. Further at some point congregational size becomes a hindrance to the community necessary to accomplish our mission. At a certain size congregational needs begin to take precedent over the needs of the city and focus naturally shifts from a gospel lifestyle to necessary programs and organizational management. Our strategy for accomplishing our mission, therefore, is not to grow into one large congregation but continually multiply so that we produce many communities of grace. Each congregation will look different as it ministers to its particular place and meets the needs of its neighborhood and city. As a necessity, therefore, we encourage entrepreneurship, creativity and lay leadership. Our final goal is to help ignite a gospel movement through church multiplication and serve as an incubator and a catalyst for planting "gospel centered", "gospel-driven" churches in Greeley and throughout the West. To this end in 2009 Saint Patrick, along with several other like minded churches, started the Western Church Planting Network and in 2011 Saint Patrick birthed our first daughter church in Denver. Our hope is that this is the first of many daughter churches and that our movement and network continue to grow. Saint Patrick is truly not just a church, but a movement of churches.