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Old Park Church

The Saint Patrick congregation worships in the Old Park Church, which is located adjacent to Lincoln Park within the original Union Colony settlement. Built in 1883 the Old Park Church was one of the original churches of Union Colony and many prominent Union Colony pioneers were associated with the first congregation including Joseph Woodbury who is on the National Register, as well as Cameron, Nettleton, and Pabor.


The church outgrew the 1883 facility; and in 1905, they undertook a major renovation that enveloped the original 1880’s structure. The new building was designed in English Medieval architecture in the Tudor style. The building features a steeply pitched roof, a square bell tower with arched openings and parapet-styled battlement, a turreted appendage at the corner, and grand exterior stairs entering the three-arched porch. Cut sandstone forms the arches of all windows and doors and quions form all corners of the church. The interior has a steeply pitched gabled roof with dark stained ceiling beams as well as dark-stained woodwork, doors and paneling indicative of the Tudor period. Outstanding stained glass windows include a prominent six-pointed arch window above the porch. Since 1906, the building has remained unaltered except for the addition of a second story to the classroom wing in 1936 and the addition of a handicap accessible entrance in 2013. In 2003 Old Park Church was listed on the Greeley Historic Register.

Saint Patrick Presbyterian Church purchased the Old Park Church and began renovating the historic building in 2004. The Saint Patrick congregation views itself as the custodian of this historic structure, which truly belongs to the Greeley community and therefore makes the facility available for community activities. Community events have included: the Downtown Music Academy, the String Quartet Program of Northern Colorado, a benefit concert by the Grand Canonical Ensemble for the Greeley Downtown Development Authority, UNC Gala Receptions, benefits for High Plains Chautauqua and various recitals for students from the UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts. In addition Saint Patrick has used the building to host such award winning artists as Jenny & Tyler, Katie Herzig, Michael Card, Moria Smiley and the Outside Track.

To contact Saint Patrick about the use of the Old Park Church for weddings or over events email: