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Mission & Values

Our Mission

We desire to see the city of Greeley become more like the city of God.


The mission of Saint Patrick is to love Christ and serve our city. This mission begins with the belief that we are part of a story – an ancient story of a God who refuses to give up on his broken creation and has sent his son, Jesus, to heal all that is broken. God tells us that he cares deeply for people, but he also cares deeply for places - neighborhoods, communities and cities. Our desire to be a church for Greeley and our mission is to love and serve our city well so that it increasingly becomes a city more like the city of God. 


Our Values

The accomplishment of our mission rests on 3 words that communicate our most essential values: GospelCommunity, and City.

Rediscovering the Gospel


Our desire is to live out the gospel of grace. G. K. Chesterson once said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.” Authentic yet untried Christianity begins with the “good news” that Jesus loves this broken world and has given his life to heal it. Unfortunately, the gospel is often lost in a cultural Christianity that promotes self-improvement, strength and achievement rather than the confession of weakness, inability and the need of a Savior. Our hope is that as we daily rediscover the beauty of Jesus' healing and grace, we will be able to acknowledge our need for grace and find the healing that he promises.

Choosing Community


Just as the gospel reconciles us to God, it also reconciles us to one another. It produces a unique community based not on shared moral virtues or on common interests, but rather on friendship that start with a common confession that “We are not what we are supposed to be, and we are all in need of the grace of Christ.” This confession provides the basis for real community because it is "realistic" in its assessment of our lives. It says both, "You're worse than you are willing to admit, but you are more accepted and loved than you could ever hope." We no longer have to produce to be part of the community but are part of the community because Christ has produced for us.  

Serving the City


The gospel not only creates a unique community but enables that community to love and serve the wider community in a unique way. As we better understand grace we are no longer driven to serve out of fear, guilt, or the need for affirmation but are freed to love the people of our city and work for its cultural and social renewal. The gospel, therefore, has a unique power to reconcile races, classes and people of all economic backgrounds. And as the gospel produces beauty in the lives of individuals it calls and enables those individuals to work for beauty in their families, their neighborhoods and their professional fields.